Tea Coffee and Biscuits - fuel for thought!

Tea Coffee and Biscuits – fuel for thought!

The purchase of the Duddingston Community Garden was completed at the end of February, 2014. While the fundraising was going on the Community Garden Subcommittee was asked, as part of its programme of work managing the community garden on an interim basis, to carry out a community consultation about the current uses and future development of the land.

The objective was to establish resident views on the success of current land use and to provide the basis to develop a vision for future land use and activities in the short, medium and long-term.  The techniques used were adapted from Participatory Appraisal methodology.

A questionnaire was circulated to residents in March to establish what current uses and interests were, the success of the current activities in meeting user expectations, interest in further involvement etc. 13 responses were received and are summarised in section 3 (with the full analysis in Appendix 3).  A consultation meeting was held on 8th April in the Millar Hall and a second one in the Sheep Heid on the evening of 24th April.

Please note that this document is only a collation of ideas with a quick attempt at scoring, by a number of residents.  It should not be considered as the democratic will of the community.

Community Consultation Report

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