Tour busses squeeze through!

Tour busses squeeze through!

Traffic has been an issue for people in Duddingston Village for many years. We live close to the city centre, in a part of the city with few routes for cars travelling to and from the city centre. The car-owners and taxi-users among us benefit from being so close to the centre, but we all object to the excessive volume and speed of traffic through the village, and to the foul behaviour of a few motorists when stuck in a traffic jam in the village. We also object to the dangerous behaviour of some drivers who drive too fast or dangerously through the park.

The DCS has worked for decades to try and improve the situation. As a result, we have succeeded in:

  • having the park low road closed for part of sundays
  • having the entire village a 20mph zone
  • getting traffic calming speed humps in Old Church Lane and the Causeway
  • ensuring that the ban on comercial vehicles in the Park is enforced, but getting clarification that taxis are exempt
  • getting traffic surveys done by the Council and DCS members to assess volume of traffic and Council to identify extent of speeding

More recently, the DCS has been involved in the Duddingston Traffic Working Group which reports to the City Council’s Transportation committee.  The DCS commissioned a consultants’ report on suitability of Old Church Lane and The Causeway as “major arteries” of traffic flow to and from the city centre which provided important evidence to the Committee.

Following consultation with residents in and around the village, the Working Group has agreed:
– to request construction of traffic calming measures within the village
– to press Historic Scotland to review speed limits in the park, and apply a 20 mph limit throughout Holyrood Park
– to consider extending the Council’s Active Travel Action Plan (which encourages cycling and walking through changes to road infrastructure) to Duddingston Village and Holyrood Park.

As a first step, the Council has now installed two new speed bumps in the Causeway, which are effective in slowing down many speeding cars.