Craigneuk Planning Decision


Please sign this petition to Scottish Ministers – over 4,500 people have already.

Criagneuk before the development showing trees.

Criagneuk before the development showing trees.

There is a new domestic development taking shape in Duddingston Village at gates into Holyrood Park that is causing widespread comment and concern. Right next to Duddingston Loch, this is a view made world famous by Raeburn’s celebrated painting of the Skating Minister. As the society charged with the protection of this outstanding designated Conservation Area, the Duddingston Conservation Society has been inundated with representations and comments from people both locally and city wide, and we ourselves are very concerned about the scale and inappropriateness of this development in what could not be a more sensitive and important site to the whole city.

Craigneuk after development commenced.

Craigneuk after development commenced.

We are not suggesting any criticism of the developers themselves; however, we are seriously concerned about the failings in the Council planning processes that could have allowed such an insensitive and intrusive development to have been approved, calling into question at a much wider level how well all our Conservation Areas are being protected by the Council. If this is the standard of protection that Conservation Areas receive how can local conservation bodies like ours continue to have any faith that we will have the support that we need? This is not a matter that we are prepared to let pass and we are pressing the Council for a full investigation into the process that produced such a shocking planning decision so that something like this can never happen again.

Close up of extension showing scale

Close up of extension showing scale

This is the letter we sent to the City of Edinburgh Council Chief Executive:

Campaign Letter to Chief Executive of CEC

This is the reply from Alex Gudgeon Planning Officer:

CEC Planning Department Response

This is the DVCS response to the Planning Department Letter:

DVCS Response to Alex Gudgeon

This is the CEC Internal Investigation Report:

Internal Investigation Report from CEC

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12 comments on “Craigneuk Planning Decision
  1. MBC says:

    It’s happening all across the city that the city’s planners are allowing anything to go through. See for instance the Craighouse website (Friends of Craighouse Grounds and Woods) that was recently passed despite the Cockburn Society, Architectural Heritage Association of Scotland, seven local councillors, three community councils, two MSPs, one MP, the leader of the Council, the vice-convenor of the planning committee, many local groups, and all day hearing and thousands of objections from residents. Yet they still passed it. Then there is the Caltongate decision, which threatens the World Heritage status of the Old Town and the Stockbridge Accies site. This is relatively mild compared to these intrusions.

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  2. David Macnab says:

    Scandalous. Not surprised. Council approach seems to be build where and what you want. Just build. We will circulate this via our web site. Granton & District Community Council.

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    • dvcsmembers says:

      Thank you for your support – much appreciated, David.

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      • Ken Shade says:

        I am the planning convener for Balerno Community Council. We strongly objected to a proposed extension to a listed building at 8 Bridge Road, Balerno it is also within the Balerno Conservation Area, but the City Council Planning Department decided to fast track the decision process and it was given approval without it going to the planning committee. The proposed extension is totally out of character with the listed building and according to the plans it just looks like a large flat roofed wooden box.

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  3. John L M Fayrer says:

    This seems almost as bad as the rape of George Square, many years ago. Would a petition help or would the Planning Department go on it’s sweet way? The problem is that if Planning Permission is refused by the Planning Department the decision can be overturned by Holyrood. I shall circulate this round Meadowfield.

    John Fayrer,
    on behalf of:
    Northfield and Willowbrae Community Council
    Meadowfield, Lady Nairne and Paisley Residents Association

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  4. The design and materials of the new building are inappropriate to the site. With the ground available on site the floor area of the new construction could easily have been at a lower level. A flat or slightly sloping roof could have been sedum or similar.
    The loss of view from the road denies the wonderful opening vista going down into the park.
    Who was the architect ? He should be outed.

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  5. Andrew Gilmour says:

    Disappointing to learn that Edinburgh’s problem is as serious as East Lothian’s. We recently objected to an application which we learned, on good authority, was approved simply because the Planning Committee were afraid of the litigation costs if the applicant appealed. I wonder if this is the real reason behind so many bad decisions?

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  6. dvcsmembers says:


    Please sign this petition to Scottish Ministers – over 4,500 people have already.


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